Jacob White is an award winning commercial construction firm headquartered in Houston, TX.  Through the integration of creative designers, innovative building techniques, skillful project management teams, and selected materials to reduce long-term operating costs, our clients consistently receive the best value in the market.
Both small and large scale projects are complicated undertakings; often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers, and major capital investments in material, equipment, and services. Choreographing such complex operations demands first-rate construction management―something Jacob White has provided for years on projects throughout the State of Texas and various parts of the country.

You have the idea; we make it happen.


Marine Construction


Whether above or below-water, we provide construction, repair, and inspection services on a wide variety of structures in the marine environment.

REtail + Office

Like the all industries we serve, Jacob White has a proven track record of success within our Office and Retail market segments. Our focus to deliver office and retail products quickly and effectively allows us the opportunity to be invited back time and time again. Whether a client has a ground up or tenant improvement requirement, our team of project management professionals are dedicated meeting the project deadlines to ensure we consistently exceed our customer expectations. 

Retail and Office Construction

Industrial Construction


Our success is premised with the understanding of the technical requirements respective to each industrial company we serve– which includes the highest regard for safety and security processes. Whether a project requires tiltwall, pre-engineered metal building structures, integrated crane-service, independent crane systems, or various other specific needs, we offer a complete array of Industrial design-build services.  


From considering design requirements set forth by state regulations to understanding the intimate scheduling needs required for a working facility to maintain operation, our project management professionals are experienced in working with the delicate and critical nature of all health care markets. This is evident through our expansive portfolio which includes hundreds of clinics, surgical centers, labs, clean rooms, operating rooms, medical office buildings, dental practices, lasik suites, radiology departments, pharmacies, and more. 

Healthcare Construction

Aviation Construction


All corporate officers and various other members of Jacob White’s staff hold either private,  commercial or Airline Transport Pilot ratings. As aviation specialist, we grasp the programming requirements for a multitude of specific aircraft, NFPA requirements, federal regulations, specifications and the general requirements set forth by the various entities we work with. Our management team thoroughly enjoy working in an environment in which we are so passionate about.  


In addition to having built dozens of chain restaurant locations across the southern half of the United States, Jacob White has designed and built numerous independent commercial kitchens. 

Restaurant Construction