Our Design + Build Approach

Water Damage Restoration Repair

Jacob White will be your advisor & educator from the start to finish.

With a design-build project Jacob White acts as a single point of responsibility, ensuring continuity in commitments, communication, and results. We take on the responsibilities of sourcing and managing all architectural, engineering, property development and construction services. By integrating the design and construction phases of the project, the design-build process streamlines and propels the project development significantly in contrast to a slower conventional design-bid-build.
In addition to speed and efficiency, a design-build carries the contractual remedies for the client as all members of the design-build process become stakeholders in the project. Subcontractors design and engineer the very systems and construction methods they will be servicing and maintaining, yielding a more dependable and sustainable finished product all while reducing cost of the overall project.
The following services, included within the overall project management and supervision, are afforded during the construction phase of the project:

Scheduling and Phasing
Project Logistics
Project Control
Cost Control
Permits and Fees
Inspections and Safety
Control of Shop Drawings and Submittals
Maintenance of Site Documents
Project Accounting
Project Close-Out

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